Friday, April 15, 2016

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Your GO TO place for Sea Level Rise...

The Lynn Maritime Future Center ( LMFC ) is Earth's first of its kind.

Until now, Boston's North Shore has concentrated on celebrating our maritime past.

As the old timers around Gloucester harbor would say...

It truly was.

But those days are behind us.

Our connection to the Sea is as strong as ever, but it has to change with the times.

This brings us to Sea Level Rise.

It is the issue of our time.

The problems are Global.

The solutions are happening in Lynn...at The Lynn Maritime Future Center...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changing Views...

People alive on Earth today have seen this through their windows.

From the serenity of a beautiful shoreline to the raging bowels of an ever darkening sea, surging right before their eyes.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of Humans no longer on this Earth whose last view was that of the churning Ocean in their yard.

Coastal damage from Tsunamis and ever strengthening Ocean storms will do nothing but get worse as Earth's Ocean warms and Sea Level Rises.

Add that to the fact that more Humans are clustered along The Shoreline than ever before, and we have a recipe for one disaster after another, on an unprecedented scale.

It is already happening and there is every indication it will get worse.

We are not prepared for this.

It's all brand new.

Let's face it, as you read this, there's probably not much chance you really need to be concerned about any surprise Coastal Flooding right outside your window.

Most of us are safe from the instantaneous disaster aspect of these changes.

But the repercussions will touch us all...every day...for the rest of our lives.

Life just got a lot more expensive and there's no immediate solution on the horizon.

That's the bad news.

Here's where we start to adapt and confront the issue.


My first thought is...Sea Level is rising.

This means Tidal Power is a natural resource on the upswing.

The relentless surge of Earth's Ocean is getting stronger.

We have existing Tidal Power technologies waiting to become economically feasible.

Any downside will rapidly become insignificant once it is shown that Tidal Power presents nothing but growth.

Many of the big electrical manufacturers have already begun developing Tidal Power Facilities.

GE, for example, envisions clusters of undersea generators.

They look like wind farms in the water.

I'm thinking we start off with local efforts, using much simpler technology, to get the idea rolling.

Here in my hometown of Lynn, Mass. USA, I've been proposing this suggestion.

Continue reading to learn more.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Infinitely Sustainable Lynn Electric Ferry

The City of Lynn ( in partnership with The State of Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council ) has invested in a commuter ferry, to run between Lynn and Boston Harbor.

There are many questions regarding the profitability of said ferry.

Lynn is involved in a huge waterfront development project which hopes to draw newcomers who will provide the ridership, but this is still several years down the road.

The issue is how to maintain the ferry service during early stages of ridership.

Lynn EDIC boss, and major ferry proponent, Jim Cowdell, has hinted that State Subsidies are the solution.

The Lynn Maritime Future Center has a better idea.

I've been proposing that Lynn partner with GE to develop Tidal Electric Generation at the outflow of The Harbor.

Let's start with a prototype tidal generator that delivers power to a charging station located at the ferry dock.

GE's electric motor division develops a battery powered motor for the ferry.

All of this can be done via retrofits using available technology.

With adaptation and evolution the concept of a tidal powered electric ferry becomes doable in very short order.

The ferry powers up every time it returns to Lynn. 

As an added bonus, electric motors with tidally recharged batteries ( developed in Lynn ) become the choice for ferries everywhere.

GE and The City of Lynn enter into a new phase of their long partnership.

This is the perfect situation because ferries always go point to point.

If batteries can last the round trip they can be recharged.

A passenger ferry is large enough that the weight of battery packs is not an issue.

They can be placed low in the hull as ballast.

With power provided by tidal generation, fuel costs become insignificant.

This makes operating ferry service during Lynn's development stage feasible.

On the Green front, Tidal Electric Generation utilizes the power of The Ocean but does not consume anything...nor does it produce any toxic petro chemical exhaust.

As another added bonus, The Ocean and tides are a natural resource on the upswing.

Sea Level Rise means that tides, unlike petroleum, coal, and natural gas, are not in danger of running out any time soon.

The Lynn Maritime Future Center and The Infinitely Sustainable, Tidal Powered, Lynn Electric Ferry are the Global Investment Attraction required by the City of Lynn to put the waterfront development plan over the top.

This can be shown as workable and the infrastructure can be under way within a year if positive minded people got together.

GE would be smart to say yes.

It would open a whole new industry for them.

Turbines and electric motors are right up their alley. 

Stay Tuned...more to follow RE how to, why, etc...


Note...The vessel currently in use is much larger than needed.

At this point...Lynn has borrowed an out of service Whale Watch boat from Boston...like this one...


250 passenger capacity...much larger and more expensive to operate than is needed.

The battery powered ferry would be a smaller, commuter style vessel...as pictured below...much more doable and practical.


TISLEF is The Infinitely Sustainable Lynn Electric Ferry.


Let's work to make Lynn Harbor into the image people recognize when considering Earth's Maritime Future.

It's all up to us.

A lot of people with enormous amounts of $$$ at stake are interested in Earth's Maritime Future.

They need brilliant solutions to get the investment $$$ flowing.

Let them know we're here and ready with those brilliant solutions...!

Lynners love to Talk it Up...let's do it...!



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First of All...

21st Century Climate is not a Weather Report.

The 21st Century presents challenges and opportunities galore.

Let’s prepare for the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Lynn’s Maritime Future Center will lead the way.

Take a look and learn what can be done.


Earth's Climate is not suddenly out to get us.

Today's changes are all part of The Natural Course of Events.

Even if Climate Change is proven to be totally Man-Made, it's still part of The Natural Course of Events.

We are Nature.

Our actions are Natural.

What we do is part of said Natural Course.

Our first positive action on Climate Change should be forgetting the debate over Natural v. Man-Made.

Every moment wasted on debate and finger pointing is a setback.

That said, let's cut to the chase.

Earth's Climate is changing.

It has been changing since day one.

We are currently thriving during a favorable Climatic Period.

As with everything in Nature, that is bound to change.

This is about our ability to adapt.


21st Century Climate, in this case, is an all encompassing term covering such topics as The Political Climate, The Economic Climate, The Climate of the Court, and The Climate of Our Environment.

Issues facing Earth's 21st Century Climate include Nukes, Terrorism, Global Pandemic, Drought, Famine, Pestilence, Space Junk, Our Changing Environment, Sea Level Rise, and the ever present Rogue Asteroids.

Let's concentrate on Our Changing Environment and Sea Level Rise for now.

The always changing nature of our surroundings has been carefully monitored at all times for Centuries.

Current readings show previously unrecognized changes to Earth's surface and atmosphere.

These changes are what has created the recent deluge of confusion over Global Warming/Climate Change.

We suddenly have a lot more data on Our Environment than ever before.

Digesting this new found knowledge has led to fear and confusion in many cases.

There are countless gloom and doom scenarios being projected via every media outlet on Earth.

Most of these are agenda driven blather, spewed by misinformed pundits, flacks, and hacks.

There is no reason to accept anything anyone says on this topic as fact.

No one really knows enough to be certain.

Make up your own mind.

As we venture forward into The Climate Unknown, it's best to be as well informed as possible.

This will help...!


The reason Climate Change is a hot topic right now is "All About The Shoreline".

Sea Level Rise, caused by warming Oceans, threatens Maritime Commerce everywhere on Earth.

Every aspect of today's Global Economy relies on Maritime Commerce.

Maritime Commerce starts and ends at The Shoreline.

The Shoreline is changing.

Change threatens The Global Economy.

Without continued development along The Shoreline, Maritime Commerce will fall behind our ever increasing demand.

If investors start believing Earth's commercial seaports will be inaccessible in fifty years due to Sea Level Rise, The Global Economy will screech to a halt.

Life as we know it will cease to exist.

This is why Climate Change has moved from arcane scientific studies to the front pages.


We face enormous challenges as these changes occur.

We'll get the results we deserve, depending on how soon we begin to grasp the situation and take positive action.

Here's my take...

Let's call it...

"21st Century Climate...Planet Earth...The Full Dose...Challenges and Opportunities Galore"

That's the real skinny.


Monday, November 4, 2013

The Future...It's All About The Shoreline...

Here we go...

Click the image above for a celebration of Our Maritime Past in support of Our Maritime Future.

The Past Was.

Buck Up.

Forge Ahead...!

That pretty much sums up what we need to proceed.

There is pressing 21st Century Business on the horizon.

Change is upon us.

There's no turning back.

Threats must be recognized, realized, and confronted.

Embrace change and make it part of your everyday reality.

Here's why...click the seashell...

shoreline earth

The 21st Century Nexus
Climate Change   Maritime Commerce   Satellite Telecommunications   Global Economy

Hang onto your hat.

This is going to be the ride of our lives.

It’s official.

Climate Change is real.

Forget about who’s at fault.

Natural Cycle or Man-Made…whichever you believe…it’s happening.

The blame game is a diversion.

Let’s face it.

The Climate Bandwagon is rolling and everyone’s jumping on board.

Extreme response and reaction is unavoidable.

Global upheaval, caused by climatic changes we can’t control, is a terrifying juggernaut with no reverse…and no brakes.

Here’s the good news about Climate Change…it’s not tomorrow.

The bad news is…we’re already paying for it.

Everything on Earth just got more expensive…everything.

Here’s why…

It’s all about the Shoreline.

Earth’s Ocean is getting bigger.

Global Warming is heating the entire Ocean.

This heating causes expansion.

The Ocean’s volume is increasing.

Projections are for a possible two foot rise by the end of this Century…at a rate of less than an inch per year.

That doesn’t sound too bad.

We’re not talking about an instantaneous Global Tsunami.

Coastal cities are not going to suddenly wash into the Sea.

But, like the unrelenting tide itself, this change is coming.

Sea levels are rising and will continue to do so as Earth’s Climate changes and warms.

We have no choice but to acknowledge rising sea levels and confront the problem.

This problem affects everything we do.

As you will soon see.

Why is this important now if all reports are of a gradual, centuries long change?

Today’s Global Economy is fueled by International Trade via Maritime Commerce.

If eight billion or more of us are to thrive on Planet Earth, the Global Economy is essential.

Our Future success relies upon the Global Economy, which relies on Maritime Commerce.

This commerce all starts and ends at The Shoreline, and The Shoreline is changing.

Again, we’re not facing a sudden rise in sea level that instantly floods commercial facilities at major international ports.

What we do face is an enormously expensive undertaking as we prepare to hold back the Sea…everywhere on Earth.

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have already shown how vulnerable our coastal cities are.

A repeat of those storms, with sea level two feet higher, would be unimaginably catastrophic.

As we all know, nothing stops the rising tide…nothing.

That said, what does this mean to you and me?

It means that everything on The Shoreline just got more expensive.

In fact, give me a minute and I’ll tell you about how everything everywhere just got more expensive…everything.

This is plugged into the Climate Change, Maritime Commerce, Satellite Telecommunications, Global Economy Nexus.

Look around you.

Consider where all the stuff you see came from, how it got here, and where it will end up.

The answer is…it came from all over The Planet, was transported from one coastal city to another via Maritime Commerce, and it will be collected, recycled, and transported once again via ocean going vessel to be re-manufactured…and shipped again.

We already know that our future success relies upon the continuous loop of Global Shipping.

The movement of goods over the Ocean is what makes the big wheel turn.

And, as with every other coastal venture, the cost of Oceangoing shipping just went up.

This rising cost of doing business will be passed on to the consumer.

Since everything travels from port to port…and doing business at said ports is more expensive…everything everywhere becomes more expensive.

That is how important sea level rise is.

Pay Attention.

Insurance and remediation are already an enormous financial burden.

That’s why it matters now, and will continue to matter for as long as anyone alive on Earth today is still around…and then some.

Imagine where this is going as sea level rises.

So…it really is “All About The Shoreline”…

There’s a Seachange a’comin’…comin’ for us all…

we’re bound to get swept up in it…all ridin’ on this ball…

since what you see…is what you get…

learn to see it all…

( 1.20.07 )

Here’s a quick review to get caught up.

Sea level rise due to expansion from Global Warming threatens Global Commerce which threatens The Future of Humanity.

The worst is yet to come.

We must invest in preparation and prevention now, or face Global Economic Disaster as shorelines change.

Now…what can we do?

Here’s my plan…

There’s obviously a lot more to Climate Change than Sea Level Rise.

But, if we don’t get ahead of this situation, the other issues will become meaningless.

There will be no time or funds for Climate Studies as we struggle to get through each and every day.

The Global Economy will stumble, millions will starve, and chaos will rule.

Don’t panic.

We’re not going to let that happen.

Here’s where Telecommunications Satellite G2 comes in.

The vehicle is self-launching, recyclable, and leaves behind zero debris.

We’ve polluted Near Space with our debris...endangering our existing satellites and threatening future launches.

Since Near Space is The Shoreline of Outer Space, there is suddenly another Shoreline Crisis hanging over our heads like a swinging Scimitar…if we do nothing.

The issues with our Shoreline on Earth took Milennia to reach crisis stage.

In Near Space, we did it in a little over fifty years.

Just like the expanding Ocean, this pending crisis affects Maritime Commerce…our lifeblood.

Satellites track every product over every square mile of Earth's Ocean.

Plus...they provide the banking…and collect the bills...and pay the wages.

Any breakdown of this system and the big wheel screeches to a very abrupt halt.

Here's some good news.

Follow this link…G2…

It leads to explanations and solutions that can be initiated immediately…providing us time and opportunity to contend with the myriad of problems on the way…while eliminating the next big issue on the horizon…Space Junk.

It’s all part of the 21st Century Nexus…check it out…this is going to be as exciting as anything that has ever happened...ever...!

And we are fortunate enough to be a part of wherever that excitement leads.


Just to be thorough…

All of the above is moot if some unforeseen, catastrophic event occurs.

For example...

I mentioned Rogue Asteroids earlier.

Catastrophic Asteroid collision is as likely as any of the other doom and gloom scenarios and must be factored into any future plans we may have.

Depending on where and when this happens…all bets are off.

Simply put…all the planning and action in the world are meaningless if Earth suddenly shudders.

We're off like a prom dress in that case.

Meanwhile…enjoy the ride…!


contact... smythspace@gmail.com ...copy/paste...


Thursday, June 14, 2012



The Lynn Maritime Future Center addresses and confronts issues affecting the Future of Maritime Endeavor, focusing on the interconnected nature of Maritime Commerce and Satellite Telecommunications.

Both are crucial to Human Survival in this Global Age, and both have enormous impact on Earth’s Environment.

There are no simple answers to the many questions posed by these issues.

Answers, no matter how difficult they may be, are essential if we are to maintain Our Niche on Planet Earth.

Where do we start?

Let’s start right here in Lynn, home of Earth’s First Maritime Future Center, featuring Earth’s First Self-Launching, Recyclable, Zero Debris Satellite.

Lynn Harbor is the ideal location for this particular Maritime Endeavor.

LMFC will draw the interest of serious Global Investors; responding to the Forward Thinking Community of Lynn, Massachusetts.

Simply put, this is the best thing for Lynn since shoes.

Click the image below to see where things are headed.