Thursday, August 5, 2010



We've all heard the bad news about Earth’s Oceans.

Our stench has caught up with us.

Yet, the future depends greatly on Maritime Commerce.

We can’t just stop using Earth’s Oceans while things heal.

The flow of goods is crucial to the emerging Global Economy.

Maritime Commerce makes the goods flow.

From GPS, to product tracking, to the financial transactions making it all possible, Earth's Maritime Future depends on Satellite Communications.

COMSATG2 revolutionizes Telecommunication Satellite launch capabilities, lowering costs and simplifying the entire procedure.

This will free billions of dollars for Future Maritime Development.

That’s good, because we need all the awareness and understanding we can muster if we are to turn our present situation into a successful, smooth running entity instead of crashing blindly forward in a market driven frenzy.

The Global Economy is essential to Humanity.

Maritime Commerce is essential to The Global Economy.

Telecommunications is essential to Maritime Commerce.

Simpler, cheaper Telecommunications will benefit all Future Maritime endeavors, which will, in turn, improve and enhance Human Existence.

COMSATG2 will provide the ooomph needed to put this understanding to work.



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