Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First of All...

21st Century Climate is not a Weather Report.

The 21st Century presents challenges and opportunities galore.

Let’s prepare for the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Lynn’s Maritime Future Center will lead the way.

Take a look and learn what can be done.


Earth's Climate is not suddenly out to get us.

Today's changes are all part of The Natural Course of Events.

Even if Climate Change is proven to be totally Man-Made, it's still part of The Natural Course of Events.

We are Nature.

Our actions are Natural.

What we do is part of said Natural Course.

Our first positive action on Climate Change should be forgetting the debate over Natural v. Man-Made.

Every moment wasted on debate and finger pointing is a setback.

That said, let's cut to the chase.

Earth's Climate is changing.

It has been changing since day one.

We are currently thriving during a favorable Climatic Period.

As with everything in Nature, that is bound to change.

This is about our ability to adapt.


21st Century Climate, in this case, is an all encompassing term covering such topics as The Political Climate, The Economic Climate, The Climate of the Court, and The Climate of Our Environment.

Issues facing Earth's 21st Century Climate include Nukes, Terrorism, Global Pandemic, Drought, Famine, Pestilence, Space Junk, Our Changing Environment, Sea Level Rise, and the ever present Rogue Asteroids.

Let's concentrate on Our Changing Environment and Sea Level Rise for now.

The always changing nature of our surroundings has been carefully monitored at all times for Centuries.

Current readings show previously unrecognized changes to Earth's surface and atmosphere.

These changes are what has created the recent deluge of confusion over Global Warming/Climate Change.

We suddenly have a lot more data on Our Environment than ever before.

Digesting this new found knowledge has led to fear and confusion in many cases.

There are countless gloom and doom scenarios being projected via every media outlet on Earth.

Most of these are agenda driven blather, spewed by misinformed pundits, flacks, and hacks.

There is no reason to accept anything anyone says on this topic as fact.

No one really knows enough to be certain.

Make up your own mind.

As we venture forward into The Climate Unknown, it's best to be as well informed as possible.

This will help...!


The reason Climate Change is a hot topic right now is "All About The Shoreline".

Sea Level Rise, caused by warming Oceans, threatens Maritime Commerce everywhere on Earth.

Every aspect of today's Global Economy relies on Maritime Commerce.

Maritime Commerce starts and ends at The Shoreline.

The Shoreline is changing.

Change threatens The Global Economy.

Without continued development along The Shoreline, Maritime Commerce will fall behind our ever increasing demand.

If investors start believing Earth's commercial seaports will be inaccessible in fifty years due to Sea Level Rise, The Global Economy will screech to a halt.

Life as we know it will cease to exist.

This is why Climate Change has moved from arcane scientific studies to the front pages.


We face enormous challenges as these changes occur.

We'll get the results we deserve, depending on how soon we begin to grasp the situation and take positive action.

Here's my take...

Let's call it...

"21st Century Climate...Planet Earth...The Full Dose...Challenges and Opportunities Galore"

That's the real skinny.