Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changing Views...

People alive on Earth today have seen this through their windows.

From the serenity of a beautiful shoreline to the raging bowels of an ever darkening sea, surging right before their eyes.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of Humans no longer on this Earth whose last view was that of the churning Ocean in their yard.

Coastal damage from Tsunamis and ever strengthening Ocean storms will do nothing but get worse as Earth's Ocean warms and Sea Level Rises.

Add that to the fact that more Humans are clustered along The Shoreline than ever before, and we have a recipe for one disaster after another, on an unprecedented scale.

It is already happening and there is every indication it will get worse.

We are not prepared for this.

It's all brand new.

Let's face it, as you read this, there's probably not much chance you really need to be concerned about any surprise Coastal Flooding right outside your window.

Most of us are safe from the instantaneous disaster aspect of these changes.

But the repercussions will touch us all...every day...for the rest of our lives.

Life just got a lot more expensive and there's no immediate solution on the horizon.

That's the bad news.

Here's where we start to adapt and confront the issue.


My first thought is...Sea Level is rising.

This means Tidal Power is a natural resource on the upswing.

The relentless surge of Earth's Ocean is getting stronger.

We have existing Tidal Power technologies waiting to become economically feasible.

Any downside will rapidly become insignificant once it is shown that Tidal Power presents nothing but growth.

Many of the big electrical manufacturers have already begun developing Tidal Power Facilities.

GE, for example, envisions clusters of undersea generators.

They look like wind farms in the water.

I'm thinking we start off with local efforts, using much simpler technology, to get the idea rolling.

Here in my hometown of Lynn, Mass. USA, I've been proposing this suggestion.

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