Thursday, April 19, 2012

RE Lynn Harbor and Waterfront...

The Lynn Maritime Future Center will tap into and harness generations of this community's pent up energy.

For example...

We are surrounded by natural sources of potential energy.

'Down the Beach', with its Sun and Surf, will provide Solar and Wave Power, generating electricity, with little or no negative influence on the Environment...while drawing worldwide interest in Lynn's Waterfront and our future plans.

The Harbor will become our Portal to the Global Economy by tapping into and marketing Lynn's greatest Natural Resource...Lynners...Us!

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, ENERGY is Earth's most important and valuable commodity...and we have an abundance of said energy right in our own backyard.

Lynn is the perfect Microcosm of U.S. Culture...diverse, struggling, and hoping for the best...America's Backyard, if you will.

Lynner's have long accepted the same ol', same ol', Pie in the Sky frustrations because we have gotten used to Low Expectations instead of following up on our High Hopes...beaten down by the endless grind, eh?

The same ol', same ol' has gotten us to this point.

This point seems to leave everyone dissatisfied and disgusted with the way things are going...something else we have all gotten used to.

The Lynn Maritime Future Center, home of TelecomsatG2, Computer Artistry, and access to the aforementioned Solar and Tidal Power, will change that attitude and brighten the Horizon for all...a Horizon that leads to anywhere we choose to go!

That's really all it takes...want it, and it will happen...ready whenever anyone else is.

High Hopes AND Higher Expectations, along with boundless ENERGY for the project accompany this missive.