Saturday, May 12, 2012

Earth’s Maritime Future is NOW!

This image shows the flow.

Satellite guided vessels carrying satellite tracked products, flow in a steady life giving stream over the surface of the Ocean.

These products will be consumed, recycled, remanufactured, and shipped again as the Maritime flow continues.

That’s the way it is everywhere you look.

Maritime Commerce is the key to 21st Century life.

Without it, The Global economy will screech to a halt.

A closed economic loop, based on recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing, made possible by Global shipping via Ocean going vessels, has become the order of the day.

Most 21st Century Humans have begun to live with a sense of Planetary Stewardship gained from today’s increasing Global Awareness.

Yet, every satellite launched to guide and track the life giving vessels and products is viewed as disposable in the big scheme of things.

We are polluting Near Space with Telecom Trash.

These billion dollar leftovers are just as useless and ugly as old diapers and hypodermic needles floating up on a pristine beach once they have served their purpose.

Wait a minute!

How can we possibly pollute Space?

It’s huge.

Wait another minute!

This is exactly the thought process we accepted on Earth before our newfound awareness taught us differently.

The first Humans to dispose of their debris by tossing it out of sight, out of mind, into the Ocean, felt the same way about the vastness of said Ocean.

How can we possible pollute something as large as the Ocean?

Everyone knows how that course of action is turning out.

Yet, right now, we are progressing rapidly in the same direction with our early commercialization of Space.

The short lived Human blunder known as The Age of Disposability is over, except in the newly crucial realm of Near Space.

Near space is part of Earth’s Environment.

It’s time to learn from our mistakes again.

We wasted decades debating the reality of pollution on Earth before the obvious became glaring and the powers that be took notice, began projecting doubt and fear with The Climate Crisis, and initiated the Green Age.

This time, we need to catch on before fear, doubt, and crisis mentality take hold.

If we let things go for decades in Space, while waiting for the powers that be to take notice, we might as well start heading back to the caves, because once Space Junk begins to interfere with Global Commerce, Civilization will falter and chaos will reign.

Who do you think will become the Warlord of your neighborhood?

Start getting your ducks in a row and your allies lined up.

Maybe start buttering up that potential Warlord for good measure.

He, or she, may be holding the last grain of rice pretty soon.


That’s scary stuff if you stop and think about it.


I have it covered.

The Lynn Maritime Future Center is here with TelecomsatG2, Earth’s first self-launching, recyclable, zero debris telecommunications satellite, light years ahead of the curve, just in the nick of time.

All it takes is doing.

Ready whenever anyone else is!

Steve Smyth…Lynn Maritime Future Center…Happy Valley USA

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