Thursday, June 14, 2012



The Lynn Maritime Future Center addresses and confronts issues affecting the Future of Maritime Endeavor, focusing on the interconnected nature of Maritime Commerce and Satellite Telecommunications.

Both are crucial to Human Survival in this Global Age, and both have enormous impact on Earth’s Environment.

There are no simple answers to the many questions posed by these issues.

Answers, no matter how difficult they may be, are essential if we are to maintain Our Niche on Planet Earth.

Where do we start?

Let’s start right here in Lynn, home of Earth’s First Maritime Future Center, featuring Earth’s First Self-Launching, Recyclable, Zero Debris Satellite.

Lynn Harbor is the ideal location for this particular Maritime Endeavor.

LMFC will draw the interest of serious Global Investors; responding to the Forward Thinking Community of Lynn, Massachusetts.

Simply put, this is the best thing for Lynn since shoes.

Click the image below to see where things are headed.